Answers to the questions we are asked most often.
Q: How do I adjust and fill my wood pepper mill or salt grinder?

A: Filling  the mill is very simple- just unscrew the chrome knob on the top and pull the top straight up, reverse for reassembly. To adjust the grind after filling, tighten the chrome adjuster knob for finer grind. For coarser grind, loosen the knob a little and push down. Also note, for best grinding performance turn the top in a back and forth direction. If corns get stuck in the grinder give the mill a couple shakes to loosen the peppercorns.

Q: What's the difference between a pepper grinder mechanism and a salt grinder mechanism?

A: Both grinder mechanisms are extremely durable (professional grade) and guaranteed for life. The difference between them is in the material- the pepper mechanism is stainless, the salt is ceramic. This is because salt would eventually cause corrosion to the stainless. So, do not use salt in the pepper grinder, or vica versa.

The ceramic grinder for the salt functions in the same manner as the pepper. An ‘S’ chrome knob is placed on top. It is intended to be used with sea/rock salt, not really for small crystal (standard) salt. Standard small crystal salt would just sift through the bottom of the mechanism without grinding. So by all means do use the salt grinder with its intended sea/rock salt.  Also, as an additional tip for the best grinding efficiency and to reduce chances of clogging turn the head back and forth.

Q: What is the significance of the type of pepper grinder mechanism G3 uses?

A: The most common statement we hear about other mills is it will not grind anymore.  This is why Gregg uses the best mechanism he can find and we love that they are manufactured in the United States.

The mechanisms we use are made by Chef Specialties. Located in U.S., Chef Specialties have been manufacturing grinder mechanisms since 1940. Their grinder mechanisms are the most frequently demanded by professional and amateur chefs alike.

Best of all, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Q: Are there specific cleaning or conditioning requirements for G3's wood pepper and salt grinders?

A: Cleaning and conditioning is simple.  Use mild soap and water on a damp soft cloth to wash it, and of course do not submerge it in the water.  You can also use any good furniture wax like Johnson’s Furniture Wax, but do not use automotive wax. Automotive wax contains abrasives that will scratch the finish on the wood pepper mills and grinders. Trust us our wood pepper grinders and salt mills are made to be used and meant to last for generations.

Q: Why are the pepper mills and salt grinders so expensive?

A: Our philisophy is, “why make it ordinary, when you can make it extraordinary.” It is functional art. The craftsmanship is really what you are paying for.  Every place you see a different color is a different piece of wood that is hand cut and hand glued together to assemble a rough shape.  The blank is turned on a lathe.  The finished piece is then sanded and coated several times with an extemely durable and expensive finish much like an epoxy or automotive finish, but specifically for wood. True American Craftsmenship! We don’t try to compete with any box store labels. Our thoughts are always attention to the details. Step forward and bring something different to the table. Something extraordinary!

You cannot think of it as buying an expensive pepper mill or salt grinder. You have to look at it as buying functional pieces of art for your kitchen or dining table that can be used every day.  Why have a boring pepper mill?